Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

the origins of sepia

the original Learntoquestion main menu by Jonah Goldstein '99When learntoquestion was first launched in 1999, Jonah Goldstein '99 was the principal designer and he conceived the site in brown and sepia hues, complementing the sepia-toned Nicholas Nixon photographs which were embedded in the site's design. At the time, the design concept was state-of-the art and unique. Moreover, incorporating NIxon's many photographs meant that although every section of the website featured a unique design, his photographs made the website a recognizable cohesive whole.

In the summer of 2003, the site underwent a major design and organizational overhaul. The 2003 class redesign (left) was designed in a collaborative effort by Judi Freeman and Julie Ng '03. It maintained the sepia tones but also branched out into warmer colors. In the design to the left, photos were arranged in a row of blocks instead of incorporated into a header or design element itself. It marked the beginnings of a minimalist concept. The designers also experiented with expanding colors to the edge of the screen.


Photos used on this website have been provided by a variety of Boston Latin photographers, as well as noted professional photographers Mark Morelli, Nicholas Nixon and Cait Stokes. More recent designs also feature photographs by Katarina Yee '02, Ke Zhang '06 and Eric Kofman '07