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There is something distinctly surreal about praising an armed toddler. The weapon is too big, and the child too small, and the enthusiasm of those encouraging the combination slightly unnerving. In this case, it is a child touring Hizbollah’s new resistance museum who catches the eye of our tour guide. Pausing mid-sentence on our walk through an installation of Israeli weaponry, he stops to admire the two-foot fighter, who clutches a toy assault rifle as he stares at us from the comfort of his father’s arms. “Mashallah,” Rami says, kissing the small, stoic face as indulgent family members look on. »

In this essay, Poet Alice Walker writes of encountering "the horror" (as in Joseph Conrad's novel, 'The Heart of Darkness') in Rwanda, Eastern Congo and Palestine/Israel and finding her voice again after a period of speechlessness. Part of what has happened to human beings, she believes, is that we have, over the last century, witnessed cruel and unusually barbaric behavior that was so horrifying it literally left us speechless. We had no words to describe it even when we viewed it; nor could we easily believe human beings could fall to such levels of degradation; we have been deeply frightened. »

"The mice would be disciplined and the lions would be free," said a Mexican delegate to the proceedings that created the UN charter in 1945. He astutely predicted the double standards that would govern the application of international law. The decades since have provided no shortage of examples. In fact, this year began in the midst of a large-scale attack on a civilian population by one of the current lions of the international order — Israel. Notably, Israel's recent military assault on the Gaza Strip prompted no shortage of criminally vapid reactions from Washington. "Israel has obviously decided to protect »

Interview With Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh: "The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing" By Charles Hawley and David Gordon Smith Der Spiegel Friday 28 September 2007 Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has consistently led the way in telling the story of what's really going on in Iraq and Iran. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke to him about America's Hitler, Bush's Vietnam, and how the US press failed the First Amendment. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was just in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. Once again, he said that he is only interested in civilian nuclear power instead of atomic weapons. »

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