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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Johannesburg on Thursday. (Photo: Reuters) Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, signals shift by the US in favour of the International Criminal Court. Washington - Hillary Clinton has signalled a significant shift by the US in favour of the international criminal court, the world body that pursues war criminals but was strenuously opposed by the Bush administration. In the most public expression of support yet from Barack Obama's administration, the US secretary of state expressed regret that the US has not yet joined the ICC. The court, set up in 2002, has »

Fractional justice by Devin O. Pendas The Frankfurt Auschwitz trial The Frankfurt Auschwitz trial of 1963–65 was the largest, most public, and most important Nazi trial to take place in a West German court after 1945. Twenty-two defendants stood in the dock at the start; 20 remained at the end. They ranged in rank from major to private and represented nearly every significant administrative unit at the Auschwitz “protective custody” camps (Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II/Birkenau, and Monowitz)—from executive administration to the overseers of individual barracks to the “political section” (Gestapo) that addressed breaches of discipline. They included doctors who both »

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