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Boston -- With Virgil's ``Aeneid'' open on their desks, students at Boston Latin School enthusiastically respond to a barrage of questions about the Roman epic depicting the travels and travails of the Trojan warrior Aeneas. ``Who is disguised as a Spartan maiden?'' asks veteran teacher Catherine Wight, in a classroom bedecked with posters of Greek vases and models of the Parthenon and a gladiator's plumed helmet. Nearly all 31 students raise their hands, as several Latin honors students shout out the correct answer -- Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, who was also Aeneas' mother. The competition in the »

Gambier, Ohio--A FEW days ago I watched my daughter Madalyn open a thin envelope from one of the five colleges to which she had applied. "Why?" was what she was obviously asking herself as she handed me the letter saying she was waitlisted. Why, indeed? She had taken the toughest courses in her high school and had done well, sat through several Saturday mornings taking SAT's and the like, participated in the requisite number of extracurricular activities, written a heartfelt and well-phrased essay and even taken the extra step of touring the campus. She had not, however, been named a »

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