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GULAM HUSSEIN, a 20-year-old Afghan with a bushy brush cut, hates Greece. He’d leave if he could—even if that meant returning to the imperiled village in eastern Afghanistan that he fled a decade ago. “Anywhere but Greece,” he told me one afternoon late this summer in Athens. “I’d heard it was bad here, but I didn’t know how bad.” About a week before we met, Hussein had gone searching for scrap metal in a central Athens neighborhood near Attica Square. Collecting scrap is a hand-to-mouth job; it pays only a few euros a day. But with his poor Greek language »

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New Dissent in Japan Is Loudly Anti-Foreign By MARTIN FACKLER KYOTO, Japan — The demonstrators appeared one day in December, just as children at an elementary school for ethnic Koreans were cleaning up for lunch. The group of about a dozen Japanese men gathered in front of the school gate, using bullhorns to call the students cockroaches and Korean spies. Inside, the panicked students and teachers huddled in their classrooms, singing loudly to drown out the insults, as parents and eventually police officers blocked the protesters’ entry. The December episode was the first in a series of demonstrations at the »

CAPE TOWN, Sep 1 (IPS) - "Xenophobia is part of life. We do not live easy here. We only survive," says Somali shopkeeper, Abdinasir Shaikh Aden, looking tense. He paces up and down the central Cape Town street where his small shop is squeezed in between two other businesses. While the xenophobic threats and attacks that resurged before the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in July have largely died down, Somali refugees remain on their guard. Aden was threatened with his life during the run-up to the Cup. He was chased away from his small grocery shop and told that »

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