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The Seevak Website Competition: 2009

Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson is the cofounder of the Central Asia Institute, the founder of Pennies for Peace, and co-author of the bestselling book, Three Cups of Tea. When he met a group of schoolchildren sitting in the dirt, writing with sticks, in the village of Korphe, Pakistan, he promised to build them a school. From this, Mortenson devoted his life to promote education, building more than 78 schools, particularly for girls, in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Meet the Team

Meet Grace Meet John Meet Nora

Meet Grace

Grace is fifteen but has the leadership qualities of a 53 year old male dictator. You could compare her to a ball; as she is pretty much as well rounded as any high schooler can get. In her leisure, she spends much of her time in show choir, playing cello, basketball, and busting out the ghetto in her Dorchester home, which fo sho is in da hood. She faces discrimination daily for her devout vegetarianism, especially from her twin, John. In general, she is known for her modesty but is quite a phenomenal singer and actor. As the driving force on her Seevak team, Grace has enjoyed her second year in the competition.

Meet John

John is cute, cuddly, and hates scary movies of any kind. John is the tallest person on our team but has a brain the size of a walnut. He is indecisive about everything and beyond. He loves music and tends to be antisocial by listening to his iPod every single minute of the day, completely ignoring his lovely Seevak team members. John enjoys playing basketball alone, dancing around his room (blasting pop punk music), and, of course, working on his Seevak duties.

Meet Nora

Nora laughs constantly. She is the shorty in our group, and has faced the unfortunate truth that she will never exceed 5 ft ΒΌ in. Nora has a twin sister named Lillian, who is on another Seevak team. Nora has suffered though many sibling arguments between her two team members, who happen to be twins as well. Nora enjoys spending vast amounts of time with her dog Cassie, as well as watching Korean dramas, as she was adopted from Korea. She loves coming to 307 to work on her Seevak project, mostly due to the fact that she has amazing team members.