Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2009

White Rose

White Rose Society

A small heroic group of German student-activists in Munich during World War II, the White Rose courageously wrote and distributed flyers challenging Nazi ideology and information. Their goal was to inform the German public of the truths of the Nazi regime and the fate of alleged enemies of the state. Captured by the Gestapo during the abortive distribution of literature at the university in Munich, its leadership was arrested and ultimately executed.

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Meet the Team

Meet Song Wen Meet Stephen Meet Travis

Meet Song Wen

Song Wen is a current junior at BLS who is in his second year of the Seevak website competition. He, along with his partner Stephen, has refuted the myth that juniors cannot finish Seevak projects, the same way his other partner, Travis, did the year before. Aside from attending school and working on the White Rose, his hobbies, activities and interests include playing violin, snowboarding, biking, swimming, and computers.

Meet Stephen

Stephen is currently a junior at Boston Latin and is participating in his second year of the Seevak competition. During the week he works at Artists for Humanity in South Boston, and during his free time he enjoys working on his computer doing various things such as web design.

Meet Travis

This is Travis's second year competing in the Seevak competition. He's sad to say that this will also be his last year since this is his senior year. He'll be attending Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec come this fall. He is very opinionated in his political views no matter how unique they are. He wants to thank his group members and the judges for letting him be a part of this competition and he wishes them the best of luck next year as they continue in this competition.