Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2009

Dith Pran

Dith Pran

A freelance photographer/journalist for The New York Times, Dith Pran was trapped in Cambodia during the genocide that raged in that country between 1975 and 1979. Through sheer will and resourcefulness, Pran endured horrific years as a slave laborer, victimized by the Khmer Rouge. Somehow Pran found his way to a refugee camp in Thailand and eventually wound up in the United States, where he resumed his career as both a journalist and a Cambodian activist.

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Meet the Team

Meet Tom Meet Yaxi Meet Yunwei

Meet Tom

Tom is a junior at BLS and this is his second time competing in the Seevak competition. Tom likes to tinker with computers in his freetime and he would like to be a programmer when he grows up. Tom is so efficient with computers that he even knows how to hack; but Tom doesn't use his skills for evil--he only uses them to make Seevak websites.

Meet Yaxi

Yaxi is a 16 year old junior doing a Seevak project for the second time. Yaxi loves to drink tea and listen to BOC. She wants to be an investment banker when she grows up so she can get rich quick and then finally attain her dream of opening up a tea shop that plays only BOC in the horribly boring town of West Roxbury. Yaxi also hopes to use her ill attained money to buy her own island, which she will name Spider Island, so that she can live happily ever after with her pet monkey.

Meet Yunwei

Yunwei is currently a junior. Unlike most people, she believes that the best part of Boston Latin School is the auditorium not the library. She dreams of the day when her name can be placed among the other famous people on the ceiling. She may look like a crabby person on the outside, but deep down, she has a good heart.