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The Seevak Website Competition: 2009

Carl Wilkens

Carl Wilkens

Bearing witness to genocide was a courageous act on Carl Wilkens’ part. The last American civilian in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, at considerable risk to himself, Wilkens continued his work on behalf of his NGO to provide essential services to Rwandans. After leaving Rwanda and being reunited with his family, Wilkens has become outspoken about the need for nations to act when genocides occur.

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Meet the Team

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Meet Edward

Edward is a current junior at Boston Latin School. When not in school, studying for tests, or doing school work, he can often be seen running in the streets of Boston exploring the concrete under the emerging philosophy of parkour; or he just might be running late to another class outside of school. He enjoys attending flash mobs, reading interesting articles, science, occasionally draws, and especially enjoys different kinds of foods. Drawn to the idea of change, Edward has always been interested in sciences as well as different countries. He hopes to work as a biomedical engineer and travel the world someday. Inspired by Carl Wilkens when he came to Boston Latin School as a guest speaker; Edward hopes to show an audience what hard work, determination, and a good heart can do.

Meet Kyle

As a 17 year old Kyle is doing a Seevak project for the first time. He enjoys working with others as seen in this and in his hockey and volleyball teams. He is known for his magic shows in school (usually during class) and hopes to become a lawyer and politician to make a difference in the world. He is an activist that believes that everyone can make a difference.

Meet Mehraj

Aged 16 (and 350 odd days at the time this was written), Mehraj is a current junior of Boston Latin School, and, simply, is not an inside the box person. He is an outside the box person-- as in doing-a-Bangla-dance-on-the-wings-of-a-flying-airplane out of the box. His insanity finds good company and good fun being a member of the Yellow Submarine Improv Troupe. Although his odd-ball-ness dominates his personality, Mehraj is multi-faceted; he loves reading (and writing, but he never shows people his writing. Blame the insanity.) and the simple joy of watching the rain fall. He hopes to one day become a medical researcher or a fusion scientist and help the world the best he can.