Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2010

Alliance for Climate Education

Alliance for Climate Education

Founded in 2008, ACE seeks, through its nationwide offices, to educate high school students about climate change. The group’s mission is to educate, inspire and activate students to curb climate change and its effects.

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Meet the Team

Meet My-Ngan Meet Lauren Meet Anson

Meet My-Ngan

My-Ngan, class V, enjoys taking nature photographs and learning how things work. Her passion is singing; her favorite genres include K-pop, J-pop and R&B songs. She can be shy but when it comes to projects like Seevak she becomes a dictator. My-Ngan wishes to be involved in the medical fields in the future.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is competing for the first time in the Seevak competition. She is a member of Class V and also a member of the BLS crew team.. As a fourteen-year-old girl, she spends a lot of time for family, friends and school but what she really aims for is a career as a music producer. Lauren is the kind of girl that listens and sings along to songs all day long.

Meet Anson

Anson is currently in the 8th grade. As a child, he especially took interest in a game known as chess. Although he was young, he has three brothers who taught him how to play. Soon, they were chess champions at Boston Latin Academy and he hopes to carry on their tradition. During weekends, he enjoys playing basketball with all of his friends.