Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2010

Rod Coronado

Rod Coronado

Rod Coronado, a Native American (Pascua Yaqui), is an eco-anarchist and animal rights activist. Coronado favors an end what he sees as cruelty to animals and destruction of the environment and is willing to take action and face arrest for speaking out on these issues.

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Meet Jane

Jane is a 13-year-old 8th grader doing Seevak for the first time. Her real name is Qianqian, but (nearly) everybody calls her Jane. She likes the joys of reading, and also occasionally the joys of writing. She has a lot of stories bottled up in her head, but lacks either the time or the incentive to write them down.

Meet Wendy

Wendy is a 14 year old in Class V and is doing a Seevak website for the first time. She likes to draw, read manga and play badminton. She also enjoys watching movies outside of school.