Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2010

Dr. Feng Shan Ho

Dr. Feng Shan Ho

Dr. Feng Shan Ho was a Chinese diplomat sent to Vienna, Austria in 1938-39 when the nation was under Nazi occupation. He was one of the first diplomats to save Jews by issuing them visas to escape the Holocaust, savings thousands of Austrian Jews.

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Meet the Team

Meet Christine Meet Emily Meet Zhangyuen

Meet Christine

Christine Tran is a sixteen-year-old sophomore who appreciates quiet sunny days and witty banter. This is her third time in Seevak competition but only the second time at the finishing line. She also attempts to fulfill her personal quota for laughter daily.

Meet Emily

Emily is a sophomore who enjoys spending her time drawing, sleeping, and generally trying to enjoy life as much as possible. She likes umbrellas and warm toast.

Meet Zhangyuen

Zhangyuen is currently a sophomore and is a member of the Argo and The Register staff and of the Mock Trial Team. She hopes to work in the field of business administration, and people often see that through her competitive, independent, (and sometimes bossy) personality. In her spare time, Zoe loves to write, draw, and crush her friends at DDR.