Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2010

Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan has pioneered the role of one of the first “food activists” in the US. Author of several books on food and eating, Pollan insists Americans should know more about what they are eating and focus on eating food that may be traced to its sources.

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Meet the Team

Meet Elizabeth Meet Jenny Meet Lydia

Meet Elizabeth

Much can be said about Elizabeth Jiang. Although she came to BLS just one year ago, she has surely made a name for herself with her friendliness and her renowned soccer and track stardom. On top of being an all-star athlete she is also a scholar. Her spanky attitude attracts the crowd, making her loved by all.

Meet Jenny

Sophomore Jenny Makovina is in her first year doing the Seevak competition. When not researching Michael Pollan or watching Food Inc, Jenny spends her time being smart, beasting on the tennis courts, watching The Office, seeing an imaginary hamster named "Guido", and eating at Chipotle. Jenny's eloquent sentences and catchy phrases have helped drive this team forward in writing.

Meet Lydia

This is Lydia's first Seevak project, but she has been the driving force behind the Michael Pollan team. Lydia shows enthusiasm for everything she does, even if she has to run around Jamaica Pond in ankle-deep rainwater in the crisp, fall weather. She has played soccer since she was very young. Lydia is an avid animal-lover and has an excellent taste for music, enlightening her friends in the form of mix-CDs. Lydia is the most honest, friendly, and hardworking person you will ever meet in the USA (overseas territories included).