Tributes to Sheldon Seevak

The Seevak Website Competition: 2010

Golda Meir

Golda Meir

Golda Meir, born in Kiev and raised in the US, moved to Tel Aviv in 1924 and, after Israeli independence, became a member of the first government of the Israeli nation. From 1969 to 1974, she served as Israel’s prime minister, the first woman to hold such office.

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Meet the Team

Meet Alex Meet King Meet Nicholas

Meet Alex

Alex is a 17 year old junior doing Seevak competition for the second time. He likes to be with his friends and spend time with his family. He enjoys his new found sport of javelin recommended to him by one of his friends. He is continuously trying to become better with every competition that passes.

Meet King

King is a junior. He enjoys learning about technology and programming and plans to be a software developer when he grows up. He enjoys playing sports with his friends and listening to a vast range of music, from R&B to classical. A cool fact about King is that he has expensive music components and is always planning to upgrade.

Meet Nicholas

A junior at BLS, Nicholas Hoang enjoys watching movies, reading, and having fun with friends. He has worked hard to ensure the completion of this website. He likes to ravel and meet new people. When he grows up he wants to travel to the Middle East and open up his own psychiatry practice.