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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Thanks to Marie Curie and her scientific research, we now know that radiation emanates from uranium and that two elements she and her husband discovered--radium and polonium--were even more radioactive. A two-time winner of the Nobel Prize, Curie's discoveries transformed the scientific and medical fields.

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Meet the Team

Meet Nafisa Nafisa
Meet Rachel Rachel
Meet Shirley Shirley

Meet Nafisa

Nafisa is in Class V, and this is her first year doing a Seevak website. Her favorite subject is science, which is why she's always doing some weird experiment or another. She plays cello in an orchestra at school and loves to sing!

Meet Rachel

Rachel is competing for the first time in the Seevak competition. As a member of class V, she loves origami, reading, drawing, painting, and listening to music. She also enjoys playing violin.

Meet Shirley

Shirley is currently in class V, and this is her first year in the Seevak competition. She is glad to say that she has had a lot of fun working with her teammates and is looking forward to another exciting year creating Seevak websites. In her spare time, Shirley likes to read fictional novels, play badminton, and draw.