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Power Up Gambia

Power Up Gambia

Power Up Gambia is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing solar energy and water to healthcare facilities--especially hospitals--in the West African nation of The Gambia.

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Meet the Team

Meet Ivanna Ivanna
Meet Christina Christina
Meet Kimberly Kimberly

Meet Ivanna

Ivanna, an artist-in-training who splatters paint on her bedroom walls, is a creative person who also has a silly personality. She puts in lots of effort when it comes to school, but her forte is creativity-oriented assignments. She is also in chorus; though she gets frustrated when perfecting her voice, she greatly appreciates music. This is her first year in the Seevak competition.

Meet Christina

Christina is a game addict who sees everything as having life points. She goes to school on a daily basis to gain experience points and level up. She is currently a freshman at BLS. Her favorite class is world history because she is intrigued by the things that happen in society. This is her first year in the Seevak competition.

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly spends her free time playing games on her Nintendo DS and watching YouTube videos. Kimberly is also a part-time ninja who gets full scores on everything that you can possibly throw at her. When it comes to school, her favorite subject is biology; outside of school, however, there is nothing she values more than sleep. This is her first year in the Seevak competition.