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Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Primatologist Jane Goodall's life work has been the study of chimpanzee behavior. From her work in Gombe, Tanzania, and beyond, Goodall identified key links between chimp and human behavior, furthering our understanding of the relationships between primates and man.

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Meet the Team

Meet Heather Heather
Meet Kara-Jianna Kara-Jianna
Meet Lakeisha Lakeisha

Meet Heather

Heather, currently a class V student, loves art and music, and was on the BLS swim team this fall. She loves animals, especially chimps, and really wants to see Africa someday. Jane Goodall has inspired her. This is her first year doing Seevak, and she has had lots of fun.

Meet Kara-Jianna

Kara-Jianna, a class V student, is in her first year in the Seevak competition. Though nervous, she is am impressed at how each group was able to create a website in such a short period of time. She hopes to be able put the skills etc. she learned to use in the near future.

Meet Lakeisha

Lakeisha is currently an eighth grader at BLS. She enjoys reading, and takes theater classes. This is her first time doing Seevak, and she has learned a lot.