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Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson

Marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson transformed public awareness of environmental issues with her many books, including the influential volume, Silent Spring (1962). Her tireless efforts to preserve the environment led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA).

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Meet the Team

Meet Jennifer Jennifer
Meet Sophia Sophia
Meet Terry Terry

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is an eighth grader who loves to draw digital and traditional art. She strongly supports the environmental movement and feels That Rachel Carson was a great leader in this field. She did the banner, design, and some research for this website.

Meet Sophia

Sophia is an eighth grader who enjoys art and history. She worked with Terry and Jennie to create a project on Rachel Carson because she was not only the catalyst of the environmental movement but also a role model for women to accomplish change. Sophia contributed to this project by doing mainly biographical research and typing code.

Meet Terry

Terry is an eighth grader interested in making things with her hands and trying out new ideas. She joined the competition with Sophia and Jennie because she believes in the environmental movement and wants to learn more about Rachel Carson, who arguably started it all. Mainly, she created the "learn" section and programmed the site.