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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

President of the United States from 1977-1980, Jimmy Carter has focused much of his presidential and post-presidential career on bringing about free and fair elections throughout the world and advocating for peaceful solutions to world conflicts through his Carter Center, based in his home state of Georgia.

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Meet the Team

Meet Billy Billy
Meet Wen Hao Wen Hao
Meet Zi Zi

Meet Billy

Billy is an eighth grader originally from Hong Kong but moved here at age three. This is the first year in the Seevak competition for him. He did most of the coding of the website, wants to learn more about people who have made a difference and about creating websites.

Meet Wen Hao

WenHao is a eighth grader in Boston Latin School. He is interested in psychology, anthropology, and various types of science. He believes that everyone should be born with equal rights and live with mutual respect. He believes that we should use our freedom to promote the freedom of the others without it. Mainly, he gave suggestions here and there and did part of the research on Jimmy Carter.

Meet Zi

Zi is a Class V student as well as a first-year Seevaker. He wants people to realize the helpful contributions that Jimmy Carter has made and is still making for humanity. He also has had a lot of fun learning how to build a website through this competition. Zi has mainly supported his team by gathering research materials on the topic and motivating the team to do their best.