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Kimberlé Williams

Kimberlé Williams

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw founded the discipline of critical race theory, a field that examines issues of race, power, and class. A professor of law both at UCLA and Columbia Law School, Williams urges the interrogation of existing legal structures that may marginalize minority groups.

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Meet the Team

Meet Emily Emily
Meet Enemchi Enemechi
Meet Joe Joe

Meet Emily

Emily Chang is a senior who will be attending Princeton University in the fall. At Boston Latin School, Emily is founder and president of impact (Injustice Makes People ACT). She enjoys art and writing.

Meet Enemchi

Enemchi is a junior who participates in Seevak because she believes it is important to honor those who have advanced the causes of social justice. She appreciates the researching, presenting, and website-making skills this project has taught her. She also is interested in computer science and technology.

Meet Joe

Joe is a senior who enjoys indulging in the arts, especially in photography and design. The Seevak competition was a way to channel an under-represented individual in hope to bring forth some new social structures in our society.