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Reverend Timothy A. Peters

Reverend Timothy A. Peters

The fight to improve human rights in North Korea is the life’s work of Reverend Timothy A. Peters, a Christian missionary based in Seoul, South Korea whose organization, "Helping Hands Korea," aides individuals and families seeking to escape the brutal North Korean regime to do so.

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Meet the Team

Meet Henry Henry
Meet Michelle Michelle
Meet Reika Reika

Meet Henry

Henry is a sophomore interested in the classics, sciences, and web design. An avid supporter of human rights, he worked with Michelle and Reika to spread the word about Reverend Timothy A. Peters. Henry was in charge of coding the website for the Seevak website competition.

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a current sophomore who loves her beagle, Charlie, to the ends of the earth. She spends most of her spare time playing violin, watching movies, and obviously, spending time with her beloved dog. She likes making corny jokes and having people laugh at them empathetically.

Meet Reika

Reika is a sophomore who enjoys watching movies and doing puzzles. She decided to join the Seevak competition with her fellow teammates, Henry and Michelle, because she was inspired by last year's website presentations. Her main role in the group was researching Reverend Timothy A. Peters.