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Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas

After losing both of his legs from the calf down in a scuba accident in 2005, Jordan Thomas dedicated his life to helping children obtain prosthetic limbs. His Jordan Thomas Foundation has raised funds to support children in need of treatment and rehabilitation. Now in college, Thomas advocates for children with traumatic injuries to get the treatment and support that he was fortunate enough to receive.

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Meet the Team

Meet Adrian Adrian
Meet Edgar Edgar
Meet Shane Shane

Meet Adrian

Adrian is a freshman and is greatly interested in the fields of science, math and technology. He, Edgar, and Shane chose the topic of the Jordan Thomas Foundation, because he believes that the work that they do for children is very important. He mainly supported the project through creating webpages in html.

Meet Edgar

Edgar is an aspiring filmmaker who spends time watching movies, reading, writing and making videos. This is his first year participating in the Seevak competition.

Meet Shane

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