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Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch

A beloved Carnegie-Mellon professor, Randy Pausch learned he had six months to live thanks to a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer. Pausch was determined to leave a legacy for his students and family and delivered his aptly named "last lecture," on achieving one's childhood dreams, shortly before his death in 2008.

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Meet the Team

Meet Lauren Lauren
Meet My-Ngan My-Ngan
Meet Olivia Olivia

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a sophomore and is in her third year competing in the Seevak Competition. Even though Seevak is a challenge in her schedule, she wishes to continue it until senior year. When she's not working on Seevak, she enjoys volunteering with kids, singing, playing guitar and finding new music. She is determined to pursue a career in music, but is also interested in astronomy, computer science, and hopefully traveling far. She loves playing video games, reading, researching, and watching YouTube videos.

Meet My-Ngan

My-Ngan is currently a sophomore. Enthusiastic and hard-working are great ways to describe her. She enjoys singing, writing, traveling, sleeping and most importantly, enjoying life. This is her third year competing in the Seevak competition.

Meet Olivia

Olivia Chung is currently a sophomore and this is her second year competing in the Seevak competition. She has taken great interest in the process of creating a website (web/graphic designing, researching, etc) and has truly been inspired by Randy Pausch. In her spare time, she enjoys digital media, music, outdoor recreations, and reading.